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Book of Void
Viktor Hachmang

20 pp plus jacket & obi
5 Colour Offset
(4 x Pantone + Black)
Published 2016
Edition of 500

Sold Out


Debut short-form comics publication by Dutch illustrator Viktor Hachmang. Book of Void deals with the romantic notion of destroying precious artworks and aims to explore its inherent logic – what is it like to live in a world ruled by fear in which a static work of art can become a harmful incomprehensible “Thing” that must be destroyed?

Book of Void is a fictionalized account of two subsequent slashings of monumental minimal artworks at the Stedelijk Museum and takes cues from The Book of Five Rings, Miyamoto Musashi’s classic handbook of samurai swordsmanship and philosophy. Book of Void poses the question if such acts of violence are truly pointless, or do they possess an innate spiritual beauty?

SOLD OUT - Signed offset print   (Included with 1st 100   ✕copies sold )

SOLD OUT - Signed offset print (Included with 1st 100 ✕copies sold)