Jonathan Chandler Bad Man Standing

The Gob
Samuel Hasler

64 Pages / 145 ✕ 195mm
2 Colour Offset
Edition of 500
Printed in the UK
Published 2017
Supported by Arts Council Wales

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At night, in the rain, in the backstreets of a run down industrial estate, a strange man takes control of a small community radio station. There begins a three hour love song reflecting on an era of counter cultures, subcultures, and weird late night broadcasting.

‘The antenna is a magic wand, bright with sinister magic. It begins to pump the voice outwards. The powerful matter of radio flowing into the streets. The voice enters the city. The voice takes the city. Now. Now. Right now. Now the electromagnetic waves are formed to the shape of my mouth. Now, my electromagnetic mouth. My electromagnetic lips. My electromagnetic teeth. My electromagnetic tongue. An energy growing in confidence. My new and monstrous gob crawling out over the city, crawling towards you, your radio, your room.’


Jonathan Chandler Bad Man Standing Interior