Parker Ito

80 Pages / A4
7 Colour Offset (3 x Pantone + CMYK)
Spiral bound - violet
Published 2018
Edition of 500
ISBN 978-1-64440-739-4

£30 + P&P 

This publication accompanies the exhibition PII at Primary, Nottingham on view from 28th September — 17th November ✿ 2018.

Published by Landfill ♳ Editions with Primary in an edition of ㊄00 including a special ㊕ edition of ㊀00 copies.

With contributions from 〠 Dean Kissick, Jonathan Chandler, Jonny Negron, Leon Sadler, Maren Karlson, Marijpol, Patrick Crotty, Ram Han & Last Renaissance.

Publication design by Hugh Frost.

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The book contains an essay (in Japanese) detailing the source material of the dense symbolism contained in the oversized painting P, one of a series of works made by Parker between 2014 and 2018, each based on the master engravings of Albrecht Dürer. Within the book, the poorly translated text becomes pure surface affect (much like the shoddily translated Asian tattoos inked on the skin of those unable to read them, a key reference for Ito) as it is overlaid with working drawings from various stages of the production of the paintings, including those made by Parker and those drawn by his studio team. Three sections are reproduced in cmyk colour including a portfolio of drawings of paintings, documentation photography of the first, full-colour rendering of P (New York, 2017), and multi-layered reproductions (partly printed on clear acetate) of the digital master files for P and the other 3 paintings in the masterworks series, while the remaining images are translated into an offset print scheme using between 1-3 spot Pantone inks (Red 032, Metallic Silver 877 and Fluorescent Violet 814). The book also contains a series of commissioned works from a number of artists who tend towards characterisation in their work who were asked to reinterpret a recurring but morphing version of Parker often present within his own work, as well as a short text detailing a circumstantial historical arc following Dürer himself through a career tinged with erotics.