The Community Pool

‘It was the long, unnatural summer of 1973, the summer before they closed the community pool where all the kids from Julius Korda’s State Home spent our days, the summer of Denny and Armstrong and barbell weights and ambulances, of hearts, of broken things.

It was during that summer when I figured out that the only difference between grownups’ books and kids’ books was length and a few hard words, when I decided to read all the world’s grownup literature, starting with the leftmost paperback on the house manager’s office bookshelf.’

The second book in the Landfill short fiction series from American author Bill Cotter.

Cover & layout by Hugh Frost


3 Colour Silkscreen on Silver Mirrorboard Cover
1 Colour Risograph Interior
12 Pages
150 x 200 mm
Saddle Stitched
Published 2011
Edition of 250


£5 + P&P

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