New Mythologies (Digital Album & Badge)

Landfill Editions is extremely excited to announce the release of our first musical project. New Mythologies, the latest album by Glaciers (Nicolas Burrows) takes the form of an enamel badge in a first edition of 100 and a digital download featuring 10 perfect breezy pop folk jams.

New Mythologies is a collection of songs that Nicolas has been playing live over the last year or two, plus some more recent compositions. Completely home-recorded in various locations, it’s the second full-length Glaciers album and a chance to hear fully fleshed-out arrangements of tracks usually performed in intimate solo settings.

Watch the videos for the project at the Landfill Editions Vimeo Channel


Enamel Badge
20mm x 30mm
1st edition of 100
Digital Album
11 Tracks


£8 + P&P

Sold Out